Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween: Inexpensive Decorating

As a follow-up to my "spooky windows" post, I thought I'd share a few other Halloween decorating items I pulled together…fairly inexpensively…

Batty for Silhouettes

After doing the big window silhouette, I felt like the front door could use some of its own. We have 3 little window panes on either side of the door and I thought it would be a perfect place for a bunch of fluttering bats.

Once again I hit the internet looking for simple bat silhouettes. There are TONS out there to choose from (though you'll find MANY that are different versions of the Batman symbol).

After finding the bat shapes that I liked the best, I traced them using my Illustrator program and then printed them out on some scrap paper.

Bat silhouette templates

I used these as my templates and then took some black paper (that I happened to have around the house) and traced the template on the black sheets. I squeezed in as many as I could get on a sheet. Then I sat in front of the TV, watched one of my favorite shows, and trimmed them out.

Trimmed out bat silhouettes

From there all I did was tape them into the windows -- DONE!

The bat silhouettes attached to the inside of the windows.

 It looks really cool at night!

My front door at night when the inside lights make the windows glow.

A Scary Welcome

Over the summer I had happened upon a really cool black feathered wreath. I had NO idea what I'd do with it, but it was just really neat AND cheap—3 bucks! I couldn't pass it up. I knew I'd do something with it.

As it got closer to Halloween I had decided it would work perfectly for the season, but I needed to do something with it. I popped on Pinterest and searched "feathered wreaths" and "Halloween wreaths" to get a few ideas. Nothing really struck me, but it got the creativity wheels moving.

Once again, I happened to find myself at Target (I get a lot of inspiration there it seems…I like their style) and came across this cool looking felt skull cut-out. It had a bit of sparkle that I really liked too. I knew it would be the perfect size to fit into the center of my feathered wreath. And once again, it was cheap—$4

All it took was a little hot glue to put the two together. Because my door is brown, I needed some contrast behind the skull image so you could actually see it. I happened to have some sparkly white Fun Foam in the house (yes, I happen to have LOTS of stuff "around the house") and I attached that to the back to make the skull image pop. I have a very large ribbon collection (surprise, surprise), so I found some that looked nice with the feathers and added that as well. To "top" it off, I had picked up a little black crow at the Dollar Tree—yup, for just a buck!—and added him in as well. It added to the "spookiness".

And there you have it, a pretty cool, spooky, Halloween wreath for just $8!

Black feathered Halloween wreath with skull and crow.

You just never know where you'll find your inspiration for something. I always keep my eyes and mind open and wait for that flash of creativity to appear.

Hope some of these ideas sparked some ideas for you!

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