Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creatively ME!

Welcome to my blog Creatively Lori!

I'm dedicating this blog to all the "creative" stuff I do as well as the "creative" stuff I think about and see around me. It's not just a "craft blog" and it's not just a "mommy blog", but a place where I can share some of the ideas that I have floating around in my head and a place to share some things that inspire my creativity.

 As it states at the top of this page, "I'm Creative." If I had to think of one word that describes me, "creative" would be it. It's just what I am. It's who I am. I love to create!

The definition of "creative" is:

cre·a·tive (kr-tv) adj.
1. Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.
2. Productive; creating.
3. Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative: creative writing. n. One who displays productive originality: the creatives in the advertising department.

I love that first part "Having the ability or power to create". I do believe that is my Super Power. For a long time I totally took it for granted. I thought everyone was like me, but as I got older and met more people, I realized not everyone WAS like me. Not everyone's brains worked like mine.

Let me state up front -- I'm FAR from the most creative person on the planet. There are many people out there who are WAY more creative than me. I'm by no means Martha Stewart or George Lucas...but they are definitely two people I look up to. But what I have learned over the years is that "creatively minded people" are different than "non-creatively minded people." We see things differently. We think differently. People will say to us "Wow! How do you think up these things?" We think "how did we not?"

 I love to create and I love to share my creations. So that is what you can expect to see here at this blog if you choose to spend some time here. I hope you enjoy what I have to share. And I hope you will find some inspiration in it, just as I find inspiration from so many of the other creative people I cross paths with in my life.

-- Lori


  1. Will you include older creative things you have done..which are great! or just new ones?

  2. Yes, I plan to post about some stuff I've done in the past. Though about to start on a few projects for my son's My Little Pony party...YES, my SON'S!!! He LOOOOVES MLP and has asked for that for his 5th birthday. I've already got lots of fun ideas and I'll be sharing them here. Can't wait to get started!!!